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Multifactor Authentication

Note: Refer to Attachments at bottom of page for more information.


What is Multifactor?

Multi-factor authentication works by using more than one way to confirm your identity. Internet fraud is becoming more common and more advanced. As Internet thieves continue to develop new ways to trick people, their fakes become harder to spot. With multi-factor authentication, even if you fall for an Internet scheme, you are still protected.


Logging In To Your Account Information

The security of your personal information is our highest priority. To continue providing a safe and secure Internet banking environment we will be introducing significant security enhancements to better protect your personal information. These changes will include a new login screen. We are moving the entry of your password to a separate page.


The New Log In Process

  • Security Image
    Once the security changes are in place, you will select and name a security image.  Each time you log in, you will see your security image and know that you are on the authentic bank site.  Only at this time will you enter your password.
  • Security Questions
    You will also answer three security questions.  If we don't recognize the computer you are using to log in, we will ask you to answer one of the security questions you previously created.



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