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Shazam's MasterCard SecureCode

One of the great things about shopping online is the extra time it gives you to enjoy life offline.

With MasterCard SecureCode, now that extra time can be spent with greater peace of mind. Citizens State Bank is pleased to bring you this valuable new service to enhance your existing Citizens State Bank Debit MasterCard Account. It’s a private code that brings you added protection against unauthorized use of your card when you shop online.

Every time you pay online at a participating merchant with your Citizens State Bank Debit MasterCard, you will be automatically prompted to enter your own private SecureCode - just like entering a PIN at the ATM. With MasterCard SecureCode , only you and the people you designate can make online purchases using your Citizens State Bank Debit MasterCard at participating online merchants. And, of course, your SecureCode is completely private.

Choosing your own private SecureCode is quick and easy. You can visit and enroll your card by following the simple steps. Or, at participating online merchants, you’ll be prompted to create your own SecureCode prior to checkout. When this happens, a window from SHAZAM will appear and you’ll be guided through the simple enrollment process before your purchase is completed. Once you’ve created your private SecureCode, you must then use it for future purchases at participating online merchants.

If you have any questions about how to create or use your SecureCode, please Visit or call us at (319) 465-5921 for more information.

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